Evaporative Cooling

The most efficient and environmentally friendly temperature relief for commercial and industrial environments

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Evaporative air cooling provides the most energy efficient temperature relief for commercial or industrial environments of any scale.

Up to 80% more economical than conventional air conditioning systems, our award-winning evaporative cooling systems have delivered proven cost reductions and operational returns throughout the manufacturing, food and beverage, IT, retail, health and education industries.

Here at Cosaf, we’re not only world leaders in clean, green heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology, but also the pioneers and unrivalled experts in the design and installation of evaporative cooling solutions in the UK.

Why evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling (EC) is to date the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly climate control system used for temperature regulation within commercial and industrial environments.

The method presents a number of benefits over traditional AC systems, including:

  • Better energy efficiency – you could be looking at saving anything up to 80% of your energy costs
  • Introduces 100% fresh air – reducing the risk of poor indoor quality and air pollution
  • Allows for open doors and windows
  • Lower initial and ongoing costs – up to 50% less to purchase and capable of cutting maintenance and repair costs by more than half
  • No use of high GWP refrigerant gases

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Our evaporative cooling products

Here at Cosaf, we offer a range of energy efficient, award winning evaporative cooling systems. See some of the available options below or contact us if you can't find what you're looking for. 

  • Hybrid Air₂O: Ultimate efficiency and no moisture

    The world’s leading next-generation hybrid air conditioning system, utilising a unique combination of direct and indirect evaporative cooling – an IDEC technology with a +9 COP and +30 EER – to achieve 80% energy saving over Dx compressor-based systems. Find out more

  • Evapolar: Mobility and flexibility

    A mobile personal evaporative cooling unit for the office, home or on the move. Not just another evaporative cooler, we made Evapolar so compact and powerful that you can put it on your table and reduce temperatures between 4-17℃. Find out more

  • Biocool: The widest range of wet-air coolers

    Another option in our vast evaporative cooling range, Biocool offers a wide selection of highly-efficient evaporative systems, lowering temperature and cooling air with the latest technology in portable air coolers, portable evaporative coolers and adiabatic coolers. 

  • Portacool: Industrial portable air coolers

    Keep your workers cool and productive with Portacool evaporative coolers - Cosaf's largest product with the highest cooling capacity. Find out more

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The ultimate F-Gas solution

The F-Gas regulations lead to a 60% price increase of refrigerant gases last year, with a further 40% increase for high GWP gases, such as R32. The most important F-Gas facts that you need to be aware of:

  • High GWP gases are being phase out
  • >150 GWP is banned from 2022
  • From 2025 existing systems and maintenance re-gas would be included
  • Cost is already spiralling out of control
  • Demand has already outstripped supply

What is GWP?

  • GWP stands for Global Warming Potential
  • GWP of 1 = 1 kg of CO₂
  • R410A has a GWP of 2088
  • 1kg of R410A = 2088 kg of CO₂ to the atmosphere
  • The equivalent of 15,000 miles driven in the average diesel car in the UK

Why is R32 not a viable long-term option?

  • >150 GWP
  • A2L restrictions on application

Evaporative cooling is the ultimate solution to the F-Gas challenge. Our clean, green systems require no use of harmful to the environment refrigerant gases and use 80% less energy to operate when compared to air conditioning systems.

Find out more about F-Gas

How much will evaporative cooling cost and how much will I save?

In reality evaporative cooling

In reality evaporative cooling could:

  • Cost you up to 50% less than traditional air conditioning systems, due to the simplistic design of the technology
  • Deliver up to 80% lower energy usage; and
  • Save you huge amounts of money in terms of maintenance, as this can be done in-house by your team following training.

However, don’t take our word for it. Calculate how much you could save by implementing an evaporative cooling system on your site with our quick and easy to use Evaporative Cooling Cost Comparison Calculator

Why choose Cosaf?

As the world’s leading experts in the design and installation of evaporative cooling systems, when choosing us you will be choosing to work with a partner that:

  • Is a pioneer in the industry
  • Works with the world’s leading brands
  • Is an expert in providing solutions that will improve operations throughout your facility, not in only one specific area
  • Understands the risks involved in your sector and has the knowledge to advise on the most efficient solutions
  • Understands the importance of minimising downtime and always works with minimum disruption to your business operations
  • Is fully accredited and always aims to stay at the forefront of legislation and technological innovation.

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Our credentials

Here at Cosaf, we are the leading experts in the design, installation and continued development of evaporative cooling technology in the UK. Browse through some of the many clients that we have implemented our solutions for below.

  • Amia Foods – With heat generated from their machines causing temperature to raise over 28℃, Amia Foods were looking for an energy-efficient solution that wouldn’t introduce any contaminants to their environment. Evaporative cooling met all their needs and proved to be the perfect solution, while significantly reducing their energy consumption costs. Read full case study here.

  • DHL – Global logistics firm DHL required an expert HVAC service to enable them to store and maintain crucial pharmaceutical products across their distribution network. We delivered an unprecedented 85% saving on the cost of the nearest competitive quote, all thanks to our evaporative cooling technology. Read full case study here.

  • Stockport College – Stockport College required a highly efficient ventilation system to service its vast space all year round. We installed evaporative cooling technology, consuming up to 90% less energy than traditional refrigerant units. Read full case study here.

  • Patak’s Foods – Having already established the effectiveness of our evaporative cooling systems in reducing high temperatures in its frying and packaging areas, Patak’s Foods had no hesitation in implementing our environmentally friendly coolers in their bottling hall as well. The installation of 12 evaporative coolers enabled the company to provide employees with improved and comfortable working conditions, while at the same time saving money and protecting the environment. Read full case study here.

  • Pegler – In an effort to provide better working conditions and increase productivity, Pegler were investigating various cooling options for their facilities. It wasn’t until they came across our evaporative cooling solutions that they felt they had found the right technology to help them meet their needs. Read full case study here.

Ready to try evaporative cooling?

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