Plant for HVAC Change

Cosaf are world leaders in clean, green HVAC
solutions that don’t cost the earth.

Plant for HVAC changeFor over 25 years Cosaf have pioneered environmentally friendly technologies and our passion for innovation has made Cosaf the true leaders of sustainability in our industry.

To that end, we send all our clients a sapling oak tree to plant, following every project as a small token of our combined commitment to improving the world we operate in.

In Celtic mythology the oak tree was sacred and symbolised wisdom, truth and courage. We felt that by asking our clients to plant a new oak tree we could not provide a more fitting gesture of our intent and it hopefully provides a lasting memory of the sustainable journey we are pioneering together.

From small oak trees we hope lasting relationships will grow...

Our challenge

We are looking to ultimately plant a sustainable HVAC forest to help offset our carbon footprint and do our bit to reduce the impacts our industry currently has on the environment.

Plant for change pioneers Evaporative Cooling technology. We rely on fresh air and water to deliver natural cooling solutions that reduce harmful F-Gas refrigerants and significantly reduce the energy impact of traditional cooling provision.

We thank you for helping us with our Plant for change challenge and will keep you posted on our progress.


Caring for your tree


Q & A


I’ve just received a tree gift, what's next?
Your tree will be quite happy in its organic pot for the next few weeks. Just remove all packaging, place it in a sunny, sheltered spot outside and follow the care guide enclosed.
How long can my tree stay in its parcel?
All our trees will be happy in their parcel for a few days after delivery. Please store it somewhere cool, away from radiators and direct sunlight - a cool porch or garage is ideal. The parcel should be opened as soon as possible as the tree will require water and natural light, especially in the spring and summer months.
How do I plant my tree in the garden?
Most of our trees will happily grow in any garden, just choose a spot with enough space and light for your tree to flourish. Dig a hole the same depth and at least twice the width of the biodegradable pot. Gently tear the bottom of the pot to give the roots freedom and place into the hole. Refill and gently firm down the soil around your tree. Please water regularly, especially in spring and summer.
How do I plant my tree in an outdoor flowerpot?
Choose a large outdoor pot (20-30cm diameter is best) with holes in the base to drain the water. Fill the base with stones to improve drainage and add compost. Make a hole in the centre about double the size of your organic pot. Then gently tear the bottom of the organic pot to give the roots freedom to grow and place into the hole. Firm down the compost and water really well. Your re-potted tree can now be placed outside, ideally somewhere sheltered and light. Just keep the soil moist with fresh rain water and it will thrive!
How high will my tree grow
The oak will grow to approx. 4m in 10 years


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