Temperature control is the major challenge when specifying for large production facilities where exhaust fumes, cooling and air quality are also key to optimising performance.

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Delivering effective and efficient heating for such large facilities presents a number of challenges for the Engineer and great care must be taken in terms of design and equipment selection to ensure the design solution efficiency is maximised.

Specifying the correct air distribution levels in complex large-scale environments where height, scale, mezzanines and heat gain control is a vital consideration is increasingly becoming the challenge is to ensure comfort for occupants and, or production capability is maximised and maintained.

Cooling large manufacturing facilities is also an important part of the working process in warehouses and factories for various reasons. Not only can heat cause discomfort for personnel, but it can also damage products and stock and is proven to hamper performance and productivity.

With a combined effort of cooling and strategically placed ventilation, evaporative cooling can solve these problems with unprecedented energy savings.

Evaporative coolers are the leader in energy efficient cooling, making them the perfect ‘green’ solution for any warehouse or factory facility. Proven to be 80% more resourceful than standard air conditioning units, Cosaf’s evaporative coolers operate on 100% fresh air with no use of harmful gasses.

Cosaf are the most experienced contractor in the UK when it comes to addressing the cooling of large factory and warehouse areas across industry. Due to the large nature of most factory and warehouse spaces, unprecedented energy savings can be achieved or cooling provided at a fraction of air conditioning.

Whatever the specification, we have the expertise to meet the specific requirements of your factory or warehousing premises.


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We are a world leader in developing hybrid solutions for large manufacturing facilities - find out how we have successfully collaborated with some of the worlds leading companies.

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