Cosaf installs Evaporative Cooling Technology for Stockport College which consumes up to 90% less than refrigerated units

Blog by: Karl Sullivan - 14-Oct-2017 15:35:00

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The brief:

Institutions are becoming increasingly concerned with their environmental impact, and new building initiatives provide opportunities for using the latest technology to create greener buildings and environments.

Stockport College provides 10,000 students with an exciting learning environment with state-of-the-art teaching facilities, shops, restaurants, salons, workshops and sports facilities. They required a highly efficient ventilation system to service this vast space all year round. 

Our solution:

A total of 20 Evaporative Cooling Technology units were specified by the international consultancy, OPERON Group, for the new £100 million flagship campus for Stockport College.

The Evaporative Cooling Technology coolers will provide summer and winter ventilation together with full summer comfort cooling to all four floors of the new structure. Evaporative Cooling Technology Icons are located at roof level with conditioned-air being ducted to each room to maximise free cooling. The coolers are operated via a BMS in order to maintain year round ventilation.

The most efficient evaporative coolers in the world, the Evaporative Cooling Technology Icon consumes up to 40% less power than conventional ducted evaporative air conditioning systems and up to 90% less than refrigerated units. Cost effective to install and run, the emission free Evaporative Cooling Technology Icon provides excellent cooling properties and ventilation with minimal energy consumption.

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The coolers allow a constant flow of 100% cooled, natural fresh air to be drawn into the building and then expelled. The majority of all odours, germs and airborne contaminants are removed from the incoming air and expelled without being re-circulated.

The results:

Evaporative Cooling Technology provides institutions with a cost-effective and environmental solution to cool their buildings. As leaders in sustainable design, the education sector is proving that Evaporative Cooling Technology can provide the answer to effective cooling whilst still maintaining the green credentials of their buildings.” 

Mike Sullican - Cosaf 

Use our quick and easy Evaporative Cooling Cost Comparison Calculator to find our how much you could be saving on energy costs with an evaporative cooling solution.

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