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Cosaf deliver complete Floor Standing, Suspended and Site Decentralisation Industrial Heating Systems with energy efficiency as standard.

Cosaf are dedicated to providing a total Industrial Heating Services package backed by an ability to protect your investment with after sales care that is second-to-none.

Specifying the correct air distribution levels in complex large-scale environments where height, scale, mezzanines and heat gain control is a vital consideration is increasingly becoming the challenge is to ensure comfort for occupants and, or production capability is maximised and maintained.

At Cosaf we pride ourselves on finding solutions to heating challenging spaces effectively and efficiently, and that’s why our service is tailor made, meaning every installation is entirely bespoke and exactly right for you. Our experts will always use the latest in heating technology to design an individual solution for your industrial space.

We ensure our designs are compliant with mandatory requirements in line with Part L2B of the 2006 building regulations


Air Rotation Systems

Air rotation units are ideal for applications such as distribution Centre’s and warehouses requiring frost protection or constant background temperatures.

The system provides even heating over large areas and eliminates the requirement for ductwork or destratification fans.

Air Rotation provides a simple cost effective solution by utilising a much greater supply air volume with only a low temperature rise.

The system draws in the cooler air at low level and rotates the air to high level where it mixes with the warmer air. This develops a gentle airflow pattern, displacing the high level hot air and returning it to floor level to provide automatic destratification.


Features and Benefits

  • Large areas heated by a single unit so that number of units is reduced to a minimum
  • Fewer units, all sited at low level reduces ongoing maintenance costs
  • No requirement for high level de-stratification fans
  • No requirement for costly ductwork installation
  • Higher thermal efficiency for reduced running costs
  • Heat outputs up to 600kW from single unit
  • High burner turndown ratio for closer temperature control
  • Units may be flued via simple wall outlets



  • Gas, propane, oil and LPHW fuel types available
  • Internal and external units
  • External units fully weatherproofed and complete with insulated panels

Standard space heaters, which operate at relatively low air volumes, discharge air into the building at around 45-50°C. This is very much hotter than the internal air and doesn’t mix easily with it. Instead, it tends to rise quickly to high level making the process inefficient and costly.

At the same time, cold air infiltrates at low level – either through open doorways or from ‘natural’ ventilation. This increases the upward migration of warm air to the top of the building where it becomes trapped – a phenomenon known as stratification.

Unless the situation is remedied, significant temperature gradients occur between floor and roof. Heat is lost through the roof, while at low level (where people are working) it can be difficult to maintain the required temperature.

Many roof-mounted destratification fans may need to be installed to redistribute warm air to lower levels.

The system also captures heat from lighting and other sources, recirculating it to low level to reduce energy consumption.


Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant Heating Systems work like the sun, pushing heat out directly onto objects or people. Ideal for spot-heating in larger spaces and creating an all round warmth at a low level, Radiant Heating Systems are a highly efficient, low waste solution to problematic heating situations.


Warm Air Heating Systems

Warm Air Heating Systems are often the most cost effective solution to heating large spaces, such as factories and warehouses. When combined with a Destratification System so that warm air is distributed evenly, surplus heat is maximised, resulting in lower running costs and a more comfortable working environment.


Industrial Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems are highly energy efficient and most suited to large commercial spaces where full climate control is a necessary requirement. With the flexibility to heat and cool the air, Heat Pump Systems also move heat around so that heat energy is optimised by transferring it directly to the desired area.


Industrial Boiler Replacement

Having an effective, efficient and reliable boiler is of paramount importance. Cosaf provide direct commercial boiler replacement or design and install complete Site Decentralisation Systems, using the very latest high efficiency boilers.

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