Cosaf delivered an unprecedented 85% saving on the cost of the nearest competitive quote, all thanks to their Evaporative Cooling Technology

Blog by: Karl Sullivan - 13-Oct-2017 15:35:00

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The Brief:

Swine Flu was the worlds most talked about and feared pandemic for decades, claiming the lives of over 12,000 people worldwide. Now the panic has died down we look to future precautions and how, with the support of businesses, we can help maintain safety levels across the UK.

Global logistics firm, DHL, required an expert HVAC service to enable them to store and maintain crucial pharmaceutical products across their distribution network. Central to the safeguarding process is maintaining the DHL warehouses at temperatures below 25ºc in line with stringent MHRA guidelines.

Our Solution:

Having received commendations for manufacturing quality, the Evaporative Cooling Technology, which is exclusive to Cosaf, was deemed far superior to products and methods tendered by the competition.

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Evaporative Cooling Technology also dovetailed seamlessly with DHLs’ environmental policies, saving on energy costs and keeping efficiency rates competitively high. The project budget was something the competition found difficult to handle, with Cosaf delivering an unprecedented 85% saving on the cost of the nearest competitive quote, using the environmentally responsible Evaporative Cooling Technology system and their expert design engineering heritage.

The Results:

“The high sensitivity rating of this job meant it had to be handled accurately and efficiently, therefore Evaporative Cooling Technology was the minimal noise and low energy consumption, it’s the ideal commercial solution for businesses.”

Mike Sullivan – Cosaf

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