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Cosaf is the expert in the application, design, installation and commissioning of leading edge evaporative cooling, heating, ventilation, smoke/fire ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for a diverse range of industrial and commercial spaces.

With our extensive range of HVAC systems we create healthier spaces for your clients and colleagues, Cosaf HVAC systems give you the ability to create a comfortable and efficient environment year in and year out.

We are world leaders in clean green technology and have expert engineers, designers and specifiers on hand to provide consultative and innovative advice on all temperature and environment control challenges.

Our unrivalled design expertise is proven through our successful project portfolio, having worked with many of the world’s leading companies. We pride ourselves in being the leading design engineers in our field, enabling us to solve even the most complex of problems in your workspace.

Cosaf designed solutions provide climate control and comfort across all industrial sectors including the specialist environments of Food & Drink, Plastics, Automotive, Electronics and Pharmaceutical manufacture and storage.

We are passionate about what we do, we will reduce running costs, create a wonderful working environment which will result in improving your productivity.

What we offer is unique; we work with our clients from the outset to create a bespoke design solution which works specifically for you. We install the latest technologies to provide the most efficient system and will continue to fine tune through our service + maintenance offering to ensure everything runs smoothly 24/7. Engineering and quality, are our passion.

Maintain the perfect environment anytime, anywhere with Innovative Engineering from Cosaf.


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