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Providing sufficient and appropriate Ventilation is crucial to ensuring a productive and safe working environment. For enclosed buildings, Cosaf can provide the most suitable ventilation system that is also sensitive to the commercial goals of your business.

In hot, stuffy and oppressive working environments productivity and employee morale suffers. To help you maximise the efficiency of your business, Cosaf’s range of Ventilation Systems come with tailored advice and support that give you peace of mind. Our skilled team of engineers have a wealth of experience in the design and installation of Industrial Ventilation and Commercial Ventilation Systems; including fume removal across the breadth of industry and commerce, factories, warehouses, offices, retail and production areas.


Air Quality Control

All of Cosaf’s Air Quality Control Systems come with Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV), extracting harmful bacteria from the air, ensuring safe and suitable manufacturing and storage environments.

Cosaf specialise in providing bespoke air Quality Ventilation Services, particularly for the food manufacturing and storage industries. Cosaf experts pride themselves on finding the best solution for every environment, massively reducing commercial costs and supporting a productive and safe working environment.

What is Air Quality Control?

Cosaf’s Air Quality Control Service is designed to move particulates and harmful bacteria from the air using a variety of mechanical processes.

Installation and Support

The experienced team of Ventilation Specialists at Cosaf provide systems and planned preventive maintenance packages to meet the specifications of air quality control within food manufacturing and storage facilities.

In addition, Cosaf’s Service and Maintenance Department offer full site system filtration log books to ensure filters are regularly maintained and that air quality meets the specified design criteria.


Fume Extraction

Ensuring that there is sufficient ventilation in the working environment provides many benefits to enclosed buildings that operate in the same vicinity as fumes and smoke. Fume Extraction Systems are vital for the health and safety of your staff and help to increase the daily productivity rates of your business.

In enclosed spaces, industrial working environments and storage facilities, installing the most effective and appropriate Dust and Fume Extraction systems are essential.

What is Fume Extraction?

Dust and Fume Extraction Systems directly protect the health of personnel, eliminating fumes and noxious smells whilst providing a supply of clean, fresh air.

Fume extraction removes heat and humidity from the air, preventing airborne infections and increasing productivity in the work place.

Installation and Support

The Fume Extraction service at Cosaf is entirely built around individual spaces and customer needs. Fume Extraction Systems vary according to the conditions of the area that needs to be ventilated, so one of our specialists will design and fit the most effective system for you.


Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation is an essential part of all Ventilation Systems. By ensuring that heat transfer is regulated and controlled, your choice of ventilation can help you save money and run your business more efficiently.


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