Cosaf helps Aimia Foods achieve aggressive carbon reduction milestone, by cost savings in energy consumption of 80-90%.

Blog by: Karl Sullivan - 12-Oct-2017 15:40:00

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The brief:

Following on from their established relationship with Cosaf, Aimia Foods invited the HVAC specialists to create an energy efficient and environmentally responsible cooling solution for their newly developed packaging plant in Haydock.

The client required an energy efficient solution and already being a big supporter of Cosaf’s Evaporative Cooling Technology system, they found the new technology ideal for this particular project.

The packaging plant needed to be cooled but very strategically, as the space was used to pack a hygroscopic product that required the air to have minimum moisture content to avoid the packed products gaining any unnecessary weight.

Our solution:

A perfect cooling solution, Cosaf installed their world renowned Evaporative Cooling Technology into the factory along with their Hygienic Ductwork System; which is a lightweight self insulating ductwork system with a wipe down finish particularly suited to the food industry.

An altogether revolutionary form of indirect evaporative cooling, reductions in emissions can equate to six tonnes of CO2 per year for each new Evaporative Cooling Unit installed in place of a ducted refrigerated system – an equivalent to one less car on the road.

By replacing their current air conditioning system with Evaporative Cooling, Aimia Foods were able to supply air at refrigerated temperatures with no refrigerant gases and no compressors.

Cost savings in energy consumption of 80-90% are predicted to be achieved thus helping Aimia Foods in achieving aggressive carbon reduction milestones.

Cosaf helps Aimia Foods achieve aggressive carbon reduction milestones, by cost savings in energy consumption of 80-90%. 

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The result:

“Evaporative Cooling is a revolution in cooling technology because no other products in the world can offer this highly specialised solution critical to moisture sensitive areas. This kind of solution is perfect for environments such as Aimia Foods and we are delighted the client and his team are so satisfied with the results.”

Mike Sullivan, Director, Cosaf

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