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The worlds most energy efficient and environmentally responsible ITEC cooling systems for Data centres, Computer/Comms rooms and Server rooms.

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ITEC saves 80-90% of your energy & carbon emissions and recent research and guideline changes have triggered the worlds leading IT companies including, Facebook, Microsoft and Dell to take advantage of the commercial, environmental and ethical benefits of employing more free evaporative cooling technologies like ITEC.


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Did you know? Power consumption of traditional cooling systems can add up to more than 35% of the total electrical load in a data centre.

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Cosaf are world leading experts in the design and installation of evaporative cooling systems. Our ITEC (Information Technology Evaporative Cooling) systems provide the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible cooling solution to your IT needs.

Cosaf’s ITEC systems provide compliant conditions for your data centre, computer/ comms room or server room using upto 90% less energy than a conventional air conditioning approach.

We can design, supply and install our energy efficient and environmentally responsible ITEC systems as part of the construction process. We can also retrofit to existing IT rooms where the huge energy savings can be immediately realised.

Cosaf’s ITEC cooling systems are provided with comprehensive controls to ensure compliant conditions are achieved and maintained and that the appropriate resilience and security is provided.

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Energy Saving

Our ITEC cooling systems can provide cooling utilising just 10% of the energy consumed within a conventional air conditioning system. A single ITEC module can support a 35Kw IT load consuming just 1.5Kw of electricity, a conventional computer room air conditioner will be consuming around 10Kw of electricity to meet this load, maybe more.

Typically retrofitting our ITEC system to a 100kw IT load will provide around a saving of £25,000 per annum equating to an amazing CO saving of 137 tonnes. This figure can be pro-rated to give an indication of the potential savings in your facility – the bigger the load, the bigger the saving!

Our ITEC system is simple engineering at its best with all the resilience and security needed to meet the needs of the IT industry.

100% ASHRAE Compliant

Modern IT equipment is much more robust than it used to be and no longer requires the close control of temperature and humidity. Equipment historically requiring close control such as paper and magnetic media are no longer used.

ASHRAE (Who set the environmental recommendations for the IT industry) have continued to broaden the environmental envelope in which modern IT equipment can operate. ASHRAE TC.9.9 2011 thermal guidelines for Data Centres confirm a recommended inlet temperature of 18 – 28°c and 20 – 80% Relative Humidity with an allowable range of 15 – 32°c with most manufacturers confirming allowable conditions greater than this.

By broadening this envelope it has opened the door to other more cost effective and environmentally sustainable forms of cooling.

Our ITEC systems can provide 100% compliance against the latest ASHRAE standards at the same time meeting the environmental specification of the latest equipment from all manufacturers.

How does it work?

The ITEC system uses a combination of outside ambient air and the natural principle of the latent heat of evaporation. Each ITEC system contains large evaporative cooling pads, during summer operation these pads are kept constantly wet.

Warm ambient air is drawn across these pads where the water absorbs heat by the natural evaporation process cooling the air.

During cooler months when air is too cold to be discharged directly into the space warm room air is recirculated back into the ITEC system tempering the supply air to maintain a constant supply air temperature.

For a large proportion of the year the system can utilise the “Free Cooling” characteristics of the external air to cool the IT Equipment.

By using theses energy savings we can accelerate any return on investment forecast and typically deliver a self funding proposition within 12-24 months.

The Cosaf ITEC controls system has the flexibility to be as simple or as sophisticated as each individual project requires, whether the project be a simple IT server room or a large complex data centre. Our controls can fully integrate with other BEMS systems to provide a fully cohesive controls solution whilst providing the resilience and security such projects demand.

What are the benefits?

  • Can provide ASHRAE and manufacturer compliant conditions
  • Up to 90% reduction in energy costs
  • Low capital and maintenance costs
  • No refrigerants No F Gas Compliance
  • Hot & Cold isle arrangements are ideal for ITEC systems
  • Low electrical consumption increasing available power
  • Compliments your carbon reduction commitment scheme
  • ROI acceleration with energy savings delivering a self funding installation typically within 12-24months.


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