Cosaf provides bespoke heating solution for Pilkington Glass

Blog by: Karl Sullivan - 19-Oct-2017 16:51:00

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The brief:

After a harsh winter resulted in condensation damage to their valuable stock world glass supplier Pilkington Glass were looking for a solution to prevent condensation and subsequent damage from occurring within their large storage warehouses.

With a strong industry reputation and an existing supplier to Pilkington’s, Cosaf were invited along with other companies to tender for the work. Subsequently Cosaf were chosen after a stringent tendering process to design and install their bespoke heating solution.

Our solution:

The storage warehouses at Pilkington are cavernous buildings built in the 1950/60’s and as such the buildings insulation levels are relatively low when compared to current building standards. To provide the most energy efficient solution, Cosaf designed a high level gas fired radiant heating system to ensure background temperatures were sufficiently high thus ensuring condensation does not occur and that comfort for the warehouse operators is achieved during the colder and winter months.

Cosaf provided a new high pressure gas distribution system with over 700m of pipework suitably welded to serve the radiant heaters included transporting gas over a “pipe bridge” to serve remote buildings.

Cosaf designed and installed a new Trend Building Management system to provide the fully automated and remote operation of the heating system which connects wirelessly to the site BMS system

The results:

The Pilkington’s project demonstrated Cosaf’s design expertise in providing a bespoke, practical and energy efficient heating solution to an unusual building and completing the project within the short timescale afforded to us.

Mike Sullivan, Director @ Cosaf, said:

“This project had to be completed within a strict timescale due to the fast approaching winter months, therefore the project team had to implement a high level of expertise to ensure a timely result that also left the client with a system that met their specific requirements and their full satisfaction. We are pleased to continue to be invited for further work with Pilkington Glass”.

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