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Radiant Heating Solutions

Providing the latest industrial and Commercial Radiant Heating Systems.

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Radiant Heating Systems are effective as singular or modular heating solutions. It’s all about finding the most efficient system for you.

What is a Radiant Heating System?

Radiant Heating Panels located overhead, provide radiant heat that is directed downward by a reflector, warming all solid objects in their path. Radiant energy doesn’t heat the air directly, but creates an energy efficient all round warmth that doesn’t waste heat on large volumes of empty space.

Energy Efficiency

Radiant Heat is often considered a healthier alternative to other heating solutions due to the substitution of heat transfer over forced air heating which move allergens and air-borne bacteria about. But it can also be a commercially healthier option too! By eliminating duct loss Radiant Heating Systems are much more efficient, use less electricity and heat up quickly, saving you money and energy, particularly in spaces which have irregular occupancy, making them the perfect solution for spot-heating in larger rooms.

Installation and Support

Cosaf has specialised in designing and installing all forms of Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems for 20 years, is a Gas Safe registered company and supplies tailored solutions to the exact requirements of your project design.

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