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Evaporative Cooling Systems

The most efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solutions in the world lowering
energy consumption drastically compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

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What is Evaporative Cooling?

Of all the climate control systems available, evaporative air cooling provides the most energy efficient temperature relief for commercial or industrial environments of any scale.

Whereas traditional ventilation systems relying on introducing ambient air become limited during the warmer summer months, evaporative coolers provide direct cooling of the incoming air, reducing energy consumption whilst maximising system performance.

Energy efficiency as standard

Evaporative coolers boast key environmental benefits and high efficiency rates making them the perfect ‘green’ solution for any business.

Introducing 100% fresh and filtered air, evaporative cooling allows for doors and windows to stay open with cooling capacity increased as outdoor temperatures rise.

With remarkably low energy consumption rates, evaporative coolers are up to 80% more economical than conventional air conditioning systems establishing them as the environmental air cooling system of choice.

Would it be suitable for my company?

Adaptable and easy to install, evaporative coolers can be successfully applied to commercial environments of any scale, whether that be a small office or a large industrial factory. Sector compliant, our award winning evaporative cooling systems have been implemented throughout the retail, food, IT, manufacturing, health and education industries – redefining their versatile yet professional expertise.

Key Benefits

Save upto 90% on energy costs vs conventional air conditioning.
The most environmentally friendly cooling system in the world.
A revolution in cooling systems.

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