TaTa Technologies implements Cosaf’s Air2O solution to its new European headquarters

Blog by: Karl Sullivan - 24-Oct-2017 12:25:00

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Tata Technologies, owner of Jaguar Land Rover, constructed a new £23 million pound European Headquarters in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom. The three storey steel framed, 5,574m2 office building will house around 600 staff working in emerging vehicle technologies.

“These new headquarters showcase our ambition to continue to grow and expand TaTa Technologies’ operations in the UK and Europe. The development marks an exciting new chapter in the company’s support of engineering excellence across the region and will create an additional 200 jobs opportunities at all levels, from graduate to senior roles."

Nick Sale, CEO of Tata Technologies, Europe

The challenge

Since energy efficiency and sustainability was a focus of this construction, HVAC Consulting Engineers, JBR Consulting, worked in conjunction with Cosaf Design Engineers and Air Handlers Northern Ltd, the specialist manufacturers of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Equipment to develop a hybrid air conditioning system that employed the benefits of a two-stage evaporative cooling system (IDEC), together with a reduced load refrigerant coil to deliver a highly efficient cooling strategy.

The three-storey office building is effectively split into three segments, which are served from a bespoke air handling unit to deliver year-round heating, ventilation and cooling requirements for the office building/

The solution

The cooling was achieved by the addition of an Air2O hybrid air conditioning unit connected to the fresh air intake section of each other the six air handling units.

The Air2O hybrid packaged unit is complete with indirect and direct evaporative cooling functions together with the dx coil, compressor and condenser all housed integral to the unit to maximise space. Each unit delivers approximately five m3/s of air with a maximum supply air temperature of 15°C. The internal set point will be 22°C and the internal maximum allowable condition in the summer months would be 25°C.

To achieve the supply air condition, the fresh air should be the only option permitted due to the external ambient, direct evaporative cooling only, the combination of indirect and direct evaporative cooling and running the dx coil only when required.

The benefit

By operating the indirect evaporative cooling coil and the dx coil together, the dx coil and subsequent compressor size was reduced by around 50% and since the cooling strategy is 100% fresh air, it creates a very fresh and invigorating environment, compared to a traditional air conditioning systems where a large percentage of the air is recirculated.

Air2O hybrid cooling technology from Cosaf Environments uses a fraction of energy of a conventional dx or chilled water cooling. Using this approach can create approximate savings of around 50% in terms of both running costs and refrigerant load.

Air2O is a world leader in managing unpredictable and varying climate conditions. With technology developed in California and refined in the extreme climates of Arizona, the middle east and Australia; Air2O is perfectly suited to thrive in the UK’s moderate climate.

Find out more by downloading our Air2O Intelligent Cooling brochure below.

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