Cosaf’s expert car park ventilation system addresses the removal of daily fume build ups from car exhaust emissions for Riverside Place

Blog by: Karl Sullivan - 01-Oct-2017 15:48:00

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The brief:

Occupying a spectacular location on the edge of Lake District, the new K Village Outlet Centre consists of 60,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space within a contemporary covered environment. Main contractor, Rotary NW Ltd, required a comprehensive smoke ventilation system for the specialist zones of the site that included systems for both above and below ground level extraction and safety.

Looking for an exceptional level of excellence in the application, project management and commissioning of specialist safety smoke ventilation systems, Cosaf were selected over the competition to complete this specialist project.

Our proposition:

Our skilled team of engineers were tasked to install Car Park Ventilation, Fire Fighting Stair Pressurisation, Smoke Clearance Systems and natural day to day Smoke Ventilation for means of escape, protection of stock & the overall building structure.

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Cosaf’s expert car park ventilation system addresses the removal of daily fume build ups from car exhaust as well as providing smoke expulsion systems that would protect the building in the event of a fire. The method of Induction Ventilation was applied by Cosaf’s specialist engineers, ensuring a safer, lighter environment with lower power consumption.

For spaces such as shopping centres, Fire Fighting Stair Pressurisation is essential. This technique of protecting escape routes against the access of smoke, maintains the pressure within the escape route at a higher pressure than that in the adjacent space. We employed this secure system to Riverside Place Kendal’s new underground car park fire fighting stair cores.

The results:

“The specialist smoke ventilation systems installed at Riverside Place are a perfect example of the specialist integrated services packages provided by Cosaf.” 

Karl Sullivan, Cosaf

Rotary NW Ltd has since recommended Cosaf for other works as a direct result of the performance on the Riverside Place project.

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