Cosaf partnered with the renowned Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, meeting their needs of aligning their current procedures with a firm focus on green policy

Blog by: Karl Sullivan - 27-Oct-2017 15:50:00

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The brief:

Following the introduction of various legislations, the renowned Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester needed to partner with a company who could align their current procedures with a firm focus on green policy.

Having received a glowing recommendation from a third party contact, the college invited leading industry HVAC experts, Cosaf to pitch for the work.

Following a stringent process, Cosaf came out ahead of the competition and were employed to carry out various projects that would help the college maintain an eco-friendly environment.

Our solution:

Cosaf were employed to handle the replacement of the site’s boiler and air conditioning systems.

The college also tasked Cosaf with the sensitive job of handling their R22 replacement to comply with the 2015 legislation deadline. This involved replacing old R22 air conditioning systems on site with new Daikin systems. The first phase of the job involved the installation of five new air conditioning units in the on-site, IT suite.

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A leader in energy saving technology, Cosaf have equipped the new suite with a state-of-the-art Daikin ‘Intelligent “I” Controller’; to allow for the remote operation and monitoring of all air conditioning equipment from one office.

An integrated HVAC solution, the team at Cosaf have also designed and installed two new condensing boilers; managing and modifying the entire additional pipe and wiring work.

Cosaf faced intense competition with a strict deadline for completion, and ultimately won out by demonstrating a strong ability to deliver projects of the highest calibre and greatest efficiency.

This influential investment into resourceful energy saving methods highlights the college’s commitment to staying green and demonstrates a firm pledge to the students and organisations that work in partnership with the college.

The result:

“We have been working with Cosaf on various projects for over three years now and have been continually impressed by the attitude, performance and value of their service. Cosaf have worked closely with the college to facilitate government cutbacks that have affected certain budgets – never compromising on the quality or efficiency of the project in hand.”

Dean Griffiths, Estates Services Manager at the Royal Northern College of Music

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