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Download: ‘How to reduce heat gain and improve operational efficiency in manufacturing facilities’

With plans to eliminate high GWP gases used in industrial cooling applications & reduce industrial energy usage, regulations are now getting exceedingly strict.

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Taking a holistic approach to temperature control, as opposed to a silo approach to heating, cooling and ventilation, can be the ultimate solution.

It will enable you to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, while decreasing the temperature of your facilities and tackling the pressures of changing legislation.

Taking precautions early on is crucial and likely to save you money in the future. To help you get your business prepared, we’ve put together this guide in which we explore:

  • The main heating challenges found in manufacturing facilities
  • The regulatory obligations you need to meet
  • The new MEES and F-Gas regulations and how to achieve compliance; and
  • The risks you would be facing if you were to ignore your obligations as a duty holder

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