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Industrial Heat Pump Systems

Providing the latest Commercial Heat Pump Systems and Heat Pump Installation.

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Industrial and Commercial Heat Pump Systems and Heat Pump Installation services by Cosaf are one of the most energy efficient solutions to climate control issues in your business.

How does a Heat Pump System work?

Designed to move heat from one place to another, Commercial Heat Pump Systems extract heat from a limitless supply of clean, pollution free air and transfer it to where it is most needed.

Ideal for offices, schools and commercial spaces, Commercial Heat Pump Systems can be switched from heating to cooling mode, creating the perfect temperature and environment.

Energy Efficiency

Industrial and Commercial Heat Pump Systems do not use fuel to create heat and are therefore a highly energy efficient form of climate control. Cosaf’s Heat Pump Systems only require a small amount of power to operate effectively.

The key component that makes these Heat Pump Systems different to ordinary air conditioning units is their ability to switch from heating to cooling mode. The heat pump uses a reverse valve which gives you the flexibility to monitor and provide the perfect temperature.

Installation and Support

Cosaf have extensive experience in providing and installing Heat Pump Systems designed to fit unique working environments. Every Heat Pump System installation is accompanied by a team of Cosaf professionals, on hand to guide you through the system’s functionality and answer any questions you may have.

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