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Download: ‘Everything you need to know about F-Gas and how to protect your business’

The heat is on for high global warming refrigerants and the time to act is now!

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The European F-Gas Regulations aim to reduce and entirely ban the use of any refrigerant gases with higher than 150 GWP.

Due to the rapid decrease of gas quotas, last year alone saw a 600% price increase of high GWP gases.

This year things are only getting worse with a further 40% gas quota reduction, which has already outstripping supply, and no viable long-term replacement available on the market.

Knowing how to comply with the refrigerant gas laws and understanding the implications for your business is crucial. Our eBook answers all your burning questions and provides advice on:

  • Your legal obligations under F-Gas
  • The alternative refrigerant gases available on the market
  • How to calculate the CO2 equivalent quantity of an F-Gas
  • Possible solutions and how to manage the refrigerant phase down
  • What the future may hold for the heating and cooling industry; and
  • How to future-proof your business against changing regulations.

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