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Free Cooling

The ITEC system uses a combination of outside ambient air and the natural principle of the latent heat of evaporation. Each ITEC system contains large evaporative cooling pads, during summer operation these pads are kept constantly wet.

Warm ambient air is drawn across these pads where the water absorbs
heat by the natural evaporation process cooling the air.

During cooler months when air is too cold to be discharged directly into the space warm room air is recirculated back into the ITEC system tempering the supply air to maintain a constant supply air temperature.

For a large proportion of the year the system can utilise the “Free Cooling” characteristics of the external air to cool the IT Equipment.

By using theses energy savings we can accelerate any return on investment forecast and typically deliver a self funding proposition within 12-24 months.


The Cosaf ITEC controls system has
 the flexibility to be as simple or as sophisticated as each individual project requires, whether the project be a simple IT server room or a large complex data centre. Our controls can fully integrate with other BEMS systems to provide a fully cohesive controls solution whilst providing the resilience and security such projects demand.

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Key Benefits

Save upto 90% on energy costs vs conventional air conditioning.
The most environmentally friendly cooling system in the world.
A revolution in cooling systems.

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