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Smoke Shaft Systems

Smoke Shaft applications for residential

and commercial building ventilation

A smoke ventilation shaft is one which passes through multiple levels of a building providing ventilation of a fire floor with dampers or automatic opening devices on each level.

These shafts are most often used in residential and commercial buildings to protect fire escape and fire-fighting stairs from smoke entry and to reduce smoke levels in corridors and fire-fighting lobbies.

A shaft is connected to corridors or lobbies by dampers at high level. Only the damper on the fire floor opens, providing smoke release with inlet from the stairs via a ventilator at the head of the stairs.

Smoke shafts can also be used to extend travel distances and reduce stair numbers for escape, the most efficient system for this being dual shafts, each with fully-reversible powered fan units.

A further benefit of this system is that fire fighters can override the settings so that both fans can be set to extract, allowing enhanced clearance in the fire-fighting phase.

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