Cosaf installs new heating system that is on track to provide Cirteq with a huge payback in just four years.

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The Brief:

A world leader in circlip manufacture, Cirteq wanted to exchange two of its large steam boilers for a heating system that would enable them to use funding from The Carbon Trust and also match their stringent environmental policies.

Following on from a tenant’s departure from their site in Glusburn, North Yorkshire, Cirteq recognised that they no longer needed to provide process heating using the large on-site steam boilers. As the boilers were costly to run, maintain and insure, Cirteq decided to investigate decentralising its heating requirements for a more cost effective and ecological system.

Our Solution:

Cosaf’s design consisted of 24-floor standing and suspended gas fired warm air heaters and nine gas-fired radiant heaters, operated with an optimised start. This energy saving feature predicts what time the heating will have to be turned on to ensure that the required temperature is reached. The heaters provide independent heating to the various on site departments, production buildings and workshops and offer a flexibility of control previously unavailable with the steam boiler system.

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In addition, Cosaf installed a dedicated boiler system comprising of a gas fired boiler plant, pressurisation system, new circulating pumps, flue dilutions and new controls to the four-storey office block. To reduce installation costs, Cosaf utilised the existing radiators and pipe work in the office block to provide the area with its own heating.

Partly funded the by the Carbon Trust, the efficient, practical and environmentally friendly heating system is on track to provide Cirteq with a payback in just four years.

The Results:

“We went out to tender but from the start Cosaf got involved with the project and spent time developing a design solution that would specifically meet our requirements. We awarded Cosaf the contract based on cost, expertise and technical know-how.”

Bob Holinski – Cirteq Ltd

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