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Well Designed Ventilation Systems Can Improve Productivity 15/02/2017

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It is widely accepted that as temperatures increase within manufacturing plants, operators become less comfortable and productivity suffers. In fact, surveys have shown that for every degree increase above 20°C, productivity can drop by as much as 4%. For business owners and factory managers, it is simple to review the impact of reduced productivity, not just in lost revenues, but also the potential negative impact on customer service.

Of course, it is a sweeping generalisation to say that temperature alone affects productivity. Productivity will be affected by reduced operator comfort levels which itself is driven by several factors – increased temperature and humidity levels, lack of airflow, bad air quality, lack of natural light and noise levels  to name a few. Considering all or some of these factors will improve operator comfort levels, resulting in a positive effect on overall productivity.

A well designed and installed ventilation system can deal with a number of these factors specifically temperature, airflow, air quality and humidity levels. On top of this, factory owners/managers focus on factors such as regulatory requirements (i.e. ISO 7730), energy efficiency, sustainability and value for money.


The key to designing and selecting the correct ventilation system is to understand the client’s specific issues and requirements fully. The best way to achieve this is to survey the plant and understand the following:

  • What the problem is and what effect it has
  • The client’s requirements and what they are ultimately trying to achieve.
  • Plant details such as dimensions, heat gains/losses, types of production process, operator locations and tasks

From this information and collected data, we can design a suitable bespoke ventilation system.

The final consideration is the control of the system – poor system controls can undo all the effort in designing and selection of the correct ventilation system.

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The intent of this short blog is to highlight the impact of poor ventilation on productivity to the end user, and present options and considerations in improving operator comfort.

Ultimately, there is no one size fits all solution.  Every production facility is different. Therefore, it is important that only experienced and professional engineers implement a bespoke design. They will consider the specific requirements of each site, ensure that the most appropriate system is selected, considering all the important factors.

Cosaf Environments have been successfully designing and applying such systems for over 20 years. If we can be of assistance for your bespoke ventilation system requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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