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Evaporative Cooling Vs Air Conditioning – What’s best? 17/12/2014

As a company that specialises in evaporative cooling techniques, it’s a foregone conclusion which we think is the most effective and energy efficient system.

However, it’s good to be able to justify our world view, so here’s a look at the pros and cons of both technologies so you can make up your mind for yourself and (obviously) reach the same conclusions as us.

One of the immediate disadvantages you get from both systems is the initial set-up costs. However, one in operation, the difference in ongoing costs should be easy to see. Air conditioning systems work using powered refrigeration units, and can chew up electricity like there’s no tomorrow, especially in very hot weather when continuous cooling can be expensive. Evap cooling has its own costs, to be sure, but the technology is far simpler and far cheaper to run.

Running costs will always be a bone of contention, and there are those who think all air cooling systems afre evil . However, you have to weigh up the greater good, and evidence shows – particularly in hot climates – evaporative cooling is far more energy efficient than air conditioning, and both are head and shoulders above just giving each worker a desk fan.

In areas where there’s a high concentration of air conditioners and limited electrical power such as Mediterranean islands, there are frequent appeals to households and businesses not to run their units 24-7, lest the lights will go out. Such are the challenges posed by the ubiquitous nature of less-efficient air con units which were simple to buy and install, but not so good for the electricity consumption.

If you live in a dry climate, evap cooling will work particularly well for you. The technology is particularly effective in the Middle East, and our Dubai operation is particularly in demand because of this. The ongoing costs are significantly less than air con, but tend to use a lot of water. With better use of technology, though, even the water cost is coming down.

Unit noise can also be an issue in cooling. Air cons are particularly notorious for the noise that they make, and efforts are made to ensure this is muffled as much as possible by hiding the unit away. Evaporative coolers aren’t particularly quiet, but in most cases, they’re place on a roof, and imaginative design (such as false walls) hides the unit from the ground and keeps a majority of the sound in.

In summary: You get what you pay for. We’re convinced that in the long term, evaporative cooling installed in the right climate and conditions will always been air con. As far as we’re concerned the best Air Con is a film starring Nic Cage.

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