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Debunking evaporative cooling myths 17/12/2014

We like to run a tight ship here at Cosaf, and that means making sure our evaporative cooling products work to the greatest efficiency possible. We’re firm believers in the technology which we know is cheap to run and clean to use. But still, we get asked about the same old myths over and over.

Isn’t it cheaper just to use an air conditioner?

We don’t think so. Running an air conditioner in the same environment as an evaporative cooler is money down the drain, but both were designed to treat different conditions. In office, retail or factory conditions, a well-maintain evaporative cooling system is about as cost-effective as you can get.

Air conditioning systems absolutely eat electricity, and a recent heatwave in South Korea led to a short-lived official ban to keep the lights on in the country.

Are evaporative cooling systems expensive to run?

Absolutely not. We cannot deny that there is a significant investment in setting up your system (and there will be with air conditioning services, too), once they’re up and running, evaporative cooling services are renowned for their energy efficiency.

Aren’t evaporative cooling and air conditioning the same?

No. Evaporative cooling is a completely different technology from air conditioning. Evap systems use water to cool the air, and there’s no need for chemicals or refrigerants. Neither is there use for the compressor in an air conditioning unit. Evap units work best in large open areas like open plan offices, retail spaces and factories.

Evaporative cooling system don’t work in humid environments, do they?

The honest answer is that evaporative systems are designed to work in regions with lower humidity, and they lose efficiency if relative humidity is high. However, it’s an evolving technology, and recent advances mean that evap cooling now works pretty well in areas where their operation was impossible not that many years ago. This is a subject we’re going to handle in a forthcoming blog.

Don’t the ducts need regular cleaning?

One of the industry’s most enduring myths, and one that should have been slain long, long ago. The fact is that several decades ago bad design and bad management led to disease being spread through the ducts of evaporative coolers and air conditioning systems. This led to a complete rethink of the technology from the bottom up, and the result is what you see now – a clean, efficient industry which is – above all – safe. Clean your ducts if you like, but if you pay attention to your filters and the like, that will never be much of a problem.


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