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Climate Wizard – What’s it all about? 19/10/2014

We’re always looking for the latest breakthroughs in evaporative cooling techniques that will give our clients the ideal working environment at excellent prices. And one of these breakthroughs, we think, is Climate Wizard.

It’s a state-of-the-art product which represents the most advanced energy cooling technology we’ve ever seen produced. Climate Wizard delivers outstanding cooling performance with previously unheard of energy savings. Because of its capabilities, we’re convinced that Climate Wizard is much more than just an improvement in existing technologies – it is a completely new process of cooling.

Our experience with this leap in technology shows that it’s a revolutionary form of indirect evaporative cooling achieving comfort conditions exceeding conventional air conditioning at far lower electricity consumption.

Like most modern evaporative cooling technologies, Climate Wizard forces air through saturated pads. It’s different from other ideas because the water and air used in the cooling process do not come into contact, meaning that no moisture is added. The air is cooled to about the same temperature as a traditional refrigerated unit, but with a fraction of the energy costs.

Airflows into the system are also much lower due to lower supply air temperatures. This has a further knock-on with system design, meaning that air ducts can be smaller, resulting in both cheaper construction and a more aesthetically pleasing result.

The Australian designers say that Climate Wizard is remarkably different from other indirect evaporative coolers because of its lower supply air temperatures, higher heat exchange efficiency, low maintenance, high wet-bulb- effectiveness, and extra chlorinators to ensure a doubly healthy water system.

Both our company and Climate Wizard’s designers believe this new technology brings evaporative cooling on a par with refrigerated air conditioners, only with significant running savings.  In the right conditions, it can either replace refrigerated systems or significantly reduce compressor loads, Climate Wizard claims.

And we’re proud to offer it to our customers.

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