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The low-down on industrial fans 13/07/2014

Enclosed working spaces, especially when there are industrial processes present almost certainly need some sort of ventilation system. Even if there are no dangerous fumes emitted, or the presence of dust particles, there’s still the necessity of ensuring that employees and visitors enjoy a comfortable work space which leads to greater efficiency.

That certainly adds up to an HVAC system to extract and treat stale air and replace it with cool, clean air. It’s acknowledged as the best way to condition a working environment to suit the people working within.

However, in some cases, there might also be the need for an industrial fan system that propels large volumes of air from one place to the next – from the shop floor to¬† to the outside world. They’re especially vital in spaces that need dust particles removed or need rapid cooling with a concentrated¬† high-volume blast of air.

Industrial fans work in such a way that the large turbines are able to draw away harmful dust particles or fumes that may effect the efficiency and performance of both people and machines. Of course, this requires specialist knowledge in order to make sure that fans and air intakes are placed in the correct areas and run at the right power levels to ensure the most effective and efficient performance.

The most powerful fans can move up to two million cubic feet of air every minute, but these are reserved for the most extreme cases. Industries served include electrical power production, pollution control, metal manufacturing and processing, cement production, mining, petrochemical, food processing, cryogenics, and clean rooms.

While these fans remain separate from installed HVAC systems, carefully placed the two can work together in harmony. This is particularly the case in such areas where polluted air needs to be directed into the filtration process where it might not have otherwise done so. (But, if this is the case, you might find that your HVAC system isn’t working at full efficiency, and you may wish to talk to Cosaf specialists to rectify this shortfall)

While industrial fans are both portable and efficient, they’re immensely power hungry and will tear a hole in any company’s budget. A good HVAC system may appear more expensive to install, but it will pay you back many times over in the long run.

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