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Cooling for education and leisure centres 04/07/2014

Public areas such as schools, colleges and universities and leisure centres have high volumes of people passing through each day and have their own unique properties when it comes to heating and cooling. The people involved are all conducting a variety of activities, which means that temperature control is vital.

These being public areas, it is necessary that the cleanest air possible is provided to prevent risks of airborne illnesses and infections. While traditional air conditioning systems bring cooling, the use of recycled air can cause health problems if they’re used unchecked. That means that properly installed and well regulated evaporative cooling systems are ideal for such venues.

Evaporative coolers are the most energy-efficient way to cool public areas, making them the perfect solution both in terms of budget and in energy use of you have a green or environmental policy to maintain. In fact, evaporative cooling systems are proved to be up to 80% more efficient than traditional refrigerated air conditioning units, and use nothing but water and air, with no potentially harmful gasses.

Evaporative coolers are also an excellent way to address environmental policies and provide cooling at a fraction of the cost of traditional refrigeration units.

The advantage of using evaporative cooling in a public place is that it can be employed without worrying about doors being left open. Air conditioning systems rely on a virtually closed environment, and many is the worker in stifling older offices complaining that they’re not allowed to open the windows because “the air conditioning won’t work”.

With doors and windows left open when needed, evaporative coolers in schools, colleges and  leisure centres allow for a flexible environment where people can come and go as they please. The technology also allows for spaces of any size – from smaller classrooms to giant sports halls – reflecting the flexibility of these cooling systems.

It’s pretty much a given that students work better in a cooled environment, and evaporative cooling systems provide exactly what’s needed for the right price and with that all-important green tag.


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