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Low carbon cooling system for Siemens Server Room 29/11/2011

Data Centres and Server Rooms are one of the most challenging environments to control given the business critical consequences of a system failure due to unpredictable temperature hot spots and over heating of the vital equipment housed within these increasingly business integral environments.

For any company network downtime is not an option, therefore investment into enhanced CRAC units has seen a significant increase and focus on climate control within data centres over recent years. Not only this, but the impetuous placed upon environmental awareness has also raised a challenge to businesses who are looking for low carbon, low energy cooling solution that maintains performance without compromising system integrity. Up until very recently this approach has not been possible, as the technology required was not developed for commercial applications.

Cosaf, the leading experts in the application, design, installation and commissioning of leading edge evaporative cooling, heating, smoke/fire ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been developing the Breezair Evaporative Cooling System to provide such a solution.

Following a number of highly successful, high profile installations Cosaf are now able to demonstrate system integrity and performance traditional systems and have been commissioned by the multinational brand, Siemens, to install their award winning Breezair System to the main server rooms at their site in Congleton, Cheshire.

The Breezair system provides fresh conditioned air to maintain conditions in this critical environment. The 25KW cooling demand is met from a single Breezair cooling unit consuming less than 1.5KW of electricity.

The Breezair system is fully monitored and coupled with a supply and return air ductwork system, ensuring air is delivered to the servers within the latest ASHRAE guidelines for server Rooms and Data Centre.

The cooling requirements are now being met with no refrigerant gases and savings of up to 90% is expected to be achieved over the previous dx cooling systems installed.

Mike Sullivan, Director at Cosaf said:

“Following the success and reliability of previous systems installed at Siemens, Cosaf are confident that this project will maintain the high standards expected but drastically reduce running costs whilst improving performance.

“Server room cooling is specialist and needs a solution that can withstand the environment. Our award winning system not only meets the unique requirements of data centres and computer rooms but the cost savings will speak for themselves.”

Earlier this year, Cosaf also designed, supplied and installed a low carbon cooling system to replace the current air conditioning system serving the automation and drives test cells with Siemens.

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