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Environmentally friendly evaporative cooling systems boost numbers at Mini Monsterz play centre 17/11/2010

Cosaf, have designed and installed one of their award winning Breezair systems for North Yorkshire play centre, Mini Monsterz.

Approaching the warm summer months, the centre required a cooling solution to ease the oppressive atmosphere and keep the environment hygienic and comfortable for the children.  After looking at traditional air conditioning systems, Cosaf’s exclusive Breezair system was recommended to Mini Monsterz by past client, Polka Dot Kids.

Impressed that the Breezair would remove odors, humidity and the buildup of condensation in the play area, Polka Dot Kids decided to have the system installed throughout their Leeds based Play Centre in late 2007.

Chosen for its ability to remove stale air and distribute cooled, fresh air around the building, Breezair evaporative cooling is also far more economic to install and run than conventional air conditioning systems.

Concerned with the disruption to the business and being a customer service led company, Cosaf agreed to conduct the installation at night so the daily routines of the play centre would encounter minimal disturbance making a substantial difference to the indoor air quality, a considerable advantage for a nursery or play centre.

Following the Breezair installation, Mini Monsterz has seen a significant increase in numbers at the centre, a clear indicator that the change in environment has had a positive impact on the day to day running of the business.

Cosaf Director, Mike Sullivan commented:

“The capabilities of the Breezair system far surpass that of any standard air conditioning unit. Not only do they dramatically improve the indoor air quality, they are low energy and but as the temperature outside rises, the Breezair’s cooling capacity increases, ensuring that the building remains at a comfortable temperature.”

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