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Evaporative cooling systems help The University of Bolton achieve green status 17/11/2010

The environmental impact of the UK’s schools and universities is hugely significant to the country’s ongoing effort to tackle climate change.

According to People & Planet, the UK Higher Education (HE) sector emits over 3 million tonnes of CO₂ into the atmosphere every year, and is responsible for over 1 million journeys daily. Schools and universities emit 9.3 million tonnes of CO₂ per year, and that’s not counting the 1.2 million tonnes of CO₂ emitted by people travelling to school/university by car.

The University of Bolton has seen a number of impressive changes in recent years, to both its academic practices and the progressive development of their state of the art facilities. However, environmental policy required attention. Always striving for improvement, the university decided to take the opportunity to be ‘greener’, employing Leigh based industry HVAC experts, Cosaf, to install their award winning Breezair system across a number of the site classrooms making a substantial difference to the indoor air quality, particularly significant in educational facilities.

The Breezair system is designed to provide a cool fresh atmosphere for staff and students whilst maintaining ideal working temperatures. It also runs on low water consumption, very low carbon emissions and no refrigerant compressor, making it the perfect environmental solution.

With the introduction of the environmentally responsible Breezair icons, as well as other ‘eco-friendly improvements’ to electricity and lighting, the University of Bolton are on track for a much greener future.

Cosaf Director, Mike Sullivan commented:

“The Breezair system is an ideal affiliate for HE institutions looking to lower their carbon footprint, as the environmental benefits are endless.

“We are currently working with The University of Bolton on a number of environmental projects which, when revealed, will mark a ground breaking step in the UK HVAC industry.”

Professor Peter Marsh, Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Bolton and Chair of its Environmental Sustainability Group said:

“Already staff and students are noticing its impact on the room temperatures where the system is operating. What we will be doing now, over the next 12 months, is assessing the system’s environmental impact on our carbon footprint.”

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